Promoting Inclusion through Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

By: Samantha G.


My name is Samantha (Sam for short), and I have been sober/alcohol-free since my mid-twenties (when I learned that I reacted severely to any alcohol). I am originally from the Midwest (Ohio, to be more specific) and moved to Phoenix, Arizona, about 6 years ago. I started my food Instagram page shortly after I moved to Arizona and have recently started featuring some of my favorite places for mocktails (#mocktailmonday)!

In recent years, the rise of non-alcoholic drink options has been remarkable. As societal attitudes toward alcohol consumption continue evolving, many individuals seek alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverages. This trend is particularly meaningful when bars and establishments in Arizona, a state known for its vibrant nightlife, begin offering these non-alcoholic alternatives.

Introducing non-alcoholic drink options in bars across Arizona represents a shift in how society perceives socializing and enjoying nightlife. It caters to those who prefer non-alcoholic choices and promotes inclusivity by accommodating diverse preferences and lifestyles. Offering a range of creative and sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails, mocktails, and zero-alcohol beer options, bars in Arizona demonstrate their commitment to meeting the changing needs and desires of their patrons.

“As more establishments recognize the importance of catering to a diverse clientele, the availability of non-alcoholic beverages in bars will likely continue to expand, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the vibrant social scene Arizona has to offer, regardless of their alcohol preferences.”

Throughout my time in the valley, the rise of NA options has been notable and a wonderful experience. With a myriad of new cocktail bars, lounges, and restaurants that serve visually stunning alcohol-free drinks and mocktails, I can share and recommend some of my favorites. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting other creators and members of the restaurant and beverage industry that are paving the way for the future of NA drinks and culture. Driven by a growing demand for healthier and more inclusive experiences, consumers seek alternatives to alcohol that still provide the sensory pleasures and social rituals associated with drinking. In response, visionary mixologists and chefs have stepped up to the challenge, creating a unique array of non-alcoholic beverages that rival their alcoholic counterparts in complexity, flavor, and presentation.

From intricate mocktails crafted with fresh fruits, herbs, and artisanal syrups to zero-proof beers and wines that capture the essence of their alcoholic counterparts, the non-alcoholic revolution has sparked a wave of creativity within the industry. The art of mixology has expanded beyond alcohol, incorporating unique ingredients and techniques to craft memorable and satisfying drinks for all palates. The use of flavorful ingredients, sophisticated techniques, and artistic garnishes have turned mocktails into a vibrant and exciting beverage category in their own right. As the popularity of non-alcoholic options continues to surge, bars and restaurants are also partnering with innovative beverage companies and dedicated non-alcoholic brands, fostering collaborations that push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of alcohol-free indulgence. 

Follow Sam on her Instagram to find all the best places in the Phoenix-metro area that offer non-alcoholic options.


2 thoughts on “Promoting Inclusion through Non-Alcoholic Cocktails”

  1. As someone who can’t really enjoy alcohol and am always the designated driver, I would LOVE to see more non-alcoholic drinks at Undertow and Century Grand establishments. Please?

  2. a commendable approach to making social gatherings more inclusive. This article likely explores how creative non-alcoholic cocktails can provide everyone, including those who don’t drink alcohol, with enjoyable and sophisticated beverage options. It’s a step towards ensuring everyone feels welcome and catered to during events.

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