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We love art, as it's a significant component of culture. In our environment and business, it's not uncommon to find various types of artwork and artists, whether carvings, sculptures, paintings, digital design, or graphic design.

To bring something fun and unique to UnderTow, we often partner with various artists to bring our vision to life. The results are stellar.

We’re grateful for the artist partner relationships we’ve created and love their ability to create tangible artifacts out of our fictional story. We hope that you share that love and excitement with us.

We've recently changed our process on certain merchandise items since we relocated UnderTow into Century Grand.

Moving forward, we will keep a minimal quantity of our classic signature Octopus T-Shirts available for sale in person. We utilize an on-demand print shop to process all online orders and offer seasonal wearable merchandise items. This is what you will see below. The items are made to order and shipped directly from the printer.

As for mugs, our incoming new mug selection is limited and infrequent. Historically, we have offered two tiers of mugs. The first tier is more readily available and often available year-round. We would consider the second tier our “Collector’s Series,” usually made in small runs and produced stateside by the artists. To efficiently and effectively sell our mugs while maintaining the bar’s operations, we’ve chosen to establish a policy on purchasing our mugs. Please see below for the policies regarding our mug sales.

Mug Policy

  • Each guest will be limited to one mug per person purchase. We have begun tracking when a guest purchases a mug in our customer profiles.
  • We will only offer mugs for sale to guests with a reservation in the bar.
  • We can no longer facilitate mug sales at the host stand. We’re sorry, but we now live in a space with two other cocktail bars. The entrance is a busy place, and seating guests for their reservations are our top priority.
  • Our guest service team in the bar is unable to handle merchandise questions. They likely don’t know the quantities of items or when a new mug will arrive or be released.
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